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Sir, we have discovered the black box!!

Mastercam X3 has now been installed on my work and home PC for about a month, I have played with “Feature Based Machining”, Imported solids from Solidworks 2009 and programmed new parts for our production department. I have to say, that the software has been running pretty smooth…………………I kinda wish it would CRASH

Nuts? Yeah I know, but see about 10min after I had installed version X3 something caught my attention in the lower right corner of the screen, “Mastercan Event Log”.

To say this thing is the best thing in the new version makes me feel ridicules, but I got to say that I have been wondering why I have not come across something like this with other softwares, I do not believe it is just because I have been locked in a cave for the past years, this is something that all major softwares should have……….a black box.

This event log is just so darn simple, nothing fancy and that’s cool. Mastercam keeps a log of events that include error messages and executed functions, timing information, part names, and more. The log runs independent of Mastercam, which means that if Mastercam closes suddenly due to an unexpected error, you still have a chance to do a little investigation on what the heck happened. The log will be stored for 7 days before “destroyed”. The nice thing is it runs unnoticeable in your task bar, just make a “right” click and a simple information window opens up. Question is, should other programs take this idea? Solidworks? does other programs have this already?

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