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This is one big page where I can write all about myself, without feeling it has to be necessarily useful for anyone reading it. And, someday this site will be all that’s left of me, so I might as well write my own story.


Buffalo, New York

About me page

Timeline for context:
Special Skills
  • 1975: born in Herlev, Denmark

  • 1976: moved to Greve Strand, Denmark

  • 1984: started at Hedelyskolen

  • 1985: started playing percussion

  • 1988: started working at IVI Tool - as a professional floor sweeper

  • 1989: got an IBM knock-off computer and installed AutoCAD 2.4

  • 1991: started mold-maker apprenticeship at BSK Værktøjs fabrik

  • 1994: 1st time running CAM and CNC Mill

  • 1995: started playing the guitar

  • 1995: full-time mold-maker, running CNC Fanuc WEDM at BSK

  • 1996: started as mold-maker at Hugo Jørgensen Værktøjs fabrik

  • 1997: started driving a taxi on the weekends

  • 1999: moved to Rochester, NY, United States

  • 1999: started as WEDM Specialist at Rid-Lom Precision, Rochester, NY

  • 2001: had a baby

  • 2004: promoted to Shop-floor supervisor, CNC Milling programmer

  • 2008: started the blog

  • 2010: started at CADimensions - SOLIDWORKS application engineer

  • 2012: promoted to Technical Solution Specialist (Demo-Customer Sucess)

  • 2013: TenLinks TopTen SolidWorks Blogger Award

  • 2013: SOLIDWORKS Elite Application Engineer Award

  • 2014: started at Autodesk as CAM Technical Marketing Manager

  • 2017: had another baby

  • 2018: started as Technical Evangelist for Fusion 360

  • 2018: promoted to Manager, Technical Marketing for core products

  • 2020: lead the Fusion 360 Customer Success and Adoption Team

  • 2021: promoted to Senior Manager, Customer Adoption

  • 2022: trusted to lead the Customer Technical Support Enablement Team

  • 2023: Graduated Oxford University Executive Leadership Programme

  • 2023: Graduated Autodesk Leadership Development Program

  • 2023: Started Leaders Read Newsletter posted weekly on LinkedIn.

Being a dad, customer success, marketing, design & manufacturing software, mold-maker, CNC programmer, business book reading, and

amateur guitar builder.


Artwork by Alex Christensen

About me:
  • YouTube and Social content creation

I've decided to retire from YouTube videos (225K subscribers as I write this) I read all comments and answer all emails to the best of my capabilities. My day job at Autodesk has me focusing on leading a team instead of tinkering inside Fusion 360. 

LinkedIn is my preferred social hangout. Connect with me there, and you might like my weekly Leaders Read Newsletter.

  • Shop life and CNC Machines

I was fascinated with CNCs when I saw the first one thirty years ago. The first one I ran on a regular basis was a non-submerged Fanuc WEDM. Since then I have had fun with Mitsubishi and Charmilles WEDMS. Rid-Lom was the place I got to go wild running CNC milling centers, and experiment with custom macros— and test out all my crazy ideas (Thank you, John Rider) I programmed and ran Haas machines, Kitamura, Kiwa, Fanuc Robot drills, and my favorite being an 11 Pallet pool, 4 Axis Matsuura with over 200 tool capacity. I do need to call out two dear friends who have had a huge impact on my career. Thank you, Jack Trimer and Don Coleman. I will always be grateful for everything you did for me.

  • AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Mastercam, CAMWorks, Inventor and Fusion 360

Who would have thought that starting the cadcamstuff blog in 2008 would be the beginning of a career with design and manufacturing software? When I started at CADimensions in 2010 I promised myself that I will never dedicate myself to one software product. SolidWorks or Fusion 360; the code that makes the program does not mean that much to me. But, all the amazing people I have had the chance to interact with over the years has been amazing. You are what is awesome, I truly appreciate you! Thank you!

  • I'm American and Danish

I was born in Denmark and did not move to the United States until I was 24 years of age. I love Denmark, though I do believe the capitalistic American culture had a good impact on my personality. In 2015, Denmark changed its laws to allow dual citizenship, and it felt like a natural move to become an American citizen as I am not planning on moving back to Denmark anytime soon. In the summer of 2019 I became a citizen in Buffalo, New York. 

  • Music and guitar playing

I was lucky to be introduced to a fantastic music program via the school I attended at the age of 10. I think anyone who has learned to play an instrument will testify that they appreciate music more. I played percussion from the age of 10 until I was 20. The skills of grit and some of the most amazing friendships and experiences playing around Europe happened in those years. I switched to playing the guitar and though I have taken lessons for years, the guitar is a hobby I enjoy as an “okay” player in solitude.

  • An MBA in business books

I don’t have any real regret in life, but I do wonder how my life would have shaped if I had started reading business books earlier in my life. I read about 35 books a year and they have had a huge impact on my career and happiness. I only read hard copies because I love to write in the margin as I’m reading along. The book I have gifted the most is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. I will forever be grateful to you if you would email me your favorite business book.

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