Out of office until September
I love hearing from people, but I'm on sabbatical until September
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Caution FAQ (read first)

Can I get you to do my Fusion 360 project for me? I'LL PAY YOU!!!

  • Sorry, I'm struggling to find time to help with individual projects. And, I'm not looking for money. My YouTube channel is not monetized and I have never received any payment on my channel. Autodesk is paying me well. That's enough for me.

Can we sponsor on your YouTube channel?

  • No thank you, but thank you for the offer. The channel was never created as an income, and I'm not ready to start that now.

Can you promote or announce something we have created?

  • I'm excited that you created something great, but my apology, I don't want to spend the time to really learn all the ins and outs of it. That makes me a bad promoter—I'm out.

Can I use your video/article?

  • Yes, everything is free from my perspective. YouTube has some rules, you have to do your own research on that. It would be nice if you credit me or link back to larschristensen.org but I'm not going to be upset if you don't.

Will you speak at an event?

  • Send me an email with some details, and maybe we can talk some more.

Will you post my content on your site/channel?

  • No, this is my personal site, completely non-commercial, for my personal expression only. No advertising, no income, no analytics, no tracking, nobody else’s stuff.