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This is the "What are you up to these days?" page


Buffalo, New York, United States

Wife: Stephanie

Kids: Four girls (#outnumbered)

Last update: February 2024

What am I doing now page?

What am I doing now?
  • YouTube and Social content creation

Right now? I read all comments on YouTube, and answer all emails to the best of my capabilities. Currently, I don't have any plans to create more Fusion 360 content.

Linkedin is my favorite hangout; feel free to connect with me there. You might also want to check out my weekly Leaders Read I post there.

  • Senior Manager, Customer Technical Success Enablement

I'm overseeing a global team of Enablement Specialists— this team of experts assures that our employees, partners, and customers have easy access to the best product workflows, troubleshooting recipes, and the latest product updates.

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