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I did not know it could do that!

Being a user of a CAD/CAM software can be just about as frustrating as anything, but at the same time to hear “Oh I did not know it could do that!” has to be one of my favorite things. “Oh I did not know it could do that!” is why Tips & Tricks presentations are so popular at user group meetings, you see people nodding there heads and have that smirky smile on there face, and you know that they are thinking “Oh yeah” (not to be confused with the guy I played online poker with last night, I will get my money back, I swear”)

Here is the thing that made me say “Oh I did not know it could do that!” last week: Switching between Horizontal and Vertical Ordinate dimensions in Solidworks, you are just one “right” mouse click away.


“Right” click=>More Dimensions=> Make your switch.

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