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Esprit, CAD/CAM ready for the future.

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago sitting through a 45min webinar presented by David Bartholomew from DP Technology. The title was “Boost your productivity with Esprit”. (DP Technology, developers of Esprit is one of the major CAD/CAM software in the world)

David started out with numbers describing that Esprit at this point distributes in 80 countries and available in 15 different languages, but also pointing out with the speed of computer technology there is no time for a company like theirs to lean back and enjoy the numbers. DP Technology is aware of the challenges ahead, and is ready to be part of “hot” topics such as cloud technology where the muscles of CAM will be hanging above processing toolpaths and creating NC-code.

A major tool builder did research on where the cost and hold up in the manufacturing process is, with the results aiming at CAD/CAM responsible for 20-85% of the headaches. But with a business model wrapped around being able to adapt and change on the fly. Esprit has tools as patented 5-axis composite technology and edge cutting multitasking swiss style turning, which has proven to be steps ahead of the competition.

The cool thing about this presentation was that you really got the feeling that DP Technology wants to be right there alongside their costumers providing the tools need for companies to be on the cutting edge of technology. I think that webinars are a refreshing way to reach out to existing costumers compared to the sometime long winded newsletters.

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