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A couple of useful tips regards SolidWorks Dimensions

SolidWorks has a couple of really great functions most people miss rushing to get some dimensions on their models.

I think we all have a tendency to get stuck in our set ways and many do not use some of the great less known buttons and functions SolidWorks has. Here is 3 favorites in regards to dimensioning. Dimension names… Probably the most known and yet not often used. If you do a lot of equations or Design Table you might use it frequently, but what about an easy way to earmark a dimension for easy recognition.

Insert Tolerance in your model dimensions… Practice is to model too normal and then apply tolerances on the SolidWorks drawings. However applying the tolerance on critical dimensions on the model and use Model Items on the annotation toolbar to make them appear in your drawing secures that important information is on the actually part file. This will help raising a red flag when making one of those hectic design changes when under a time crunch.

Dimensions Read Only… If there is a dimension in your design that absolutely never should change, make it ready only. You are really doing everyone a favor by not giving someone an opportunity to screw up.

Just a couple of things to possible add as standard “Best Practices” in your daily design routine.

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