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What’s new in CAMWorks 2011 General Operations

Another version of CAMWorks has been released for some serious fun of machining to take place inside SolidWorks. The version is 2011 and if your plans for this year is to decrease the amount of programing time, this version has plenty of new and improved features to get you there. Also Check out “What’s New Milling” and “What’s New Turning”. Create Feature Conditions within CAMWorks One of your favorite things about CAMWorks has to be how this software crunching numbers and toolpath conditions from its Access database while rocking inside SolidWorks. New for 2011 is a very cool option to “Save Operation Plan..” from the CAMWorks Feature Tree.

This new function lets you quickly make changes to your CAMWorks Access Database. This really gives you 2 nice options. 1). You have found yet again that you are making the same changes over and over again, like changing the default endmill size to your favorite 1/2 endmill or the parallel leadin to the fancy arc leadin. Well with your changes in place you can easly save this data back to your database with this feature. 2). It is simply the right time to add some more automated knowledge into the Access Database. As I like to say, taking the software and make fit more into your way of doing things than regular CAM does. So now you can set up new feature conditions from this window.

New…Edit and lock those toolpaths info feedback Not new that you can edit and lock your toolpath, but it is nice when the software are feeding us with easy info on what we done and tell is what has happened and going to happen. Edit a toolpath…

And you have the purple color telling you it is locked but also very handy a note telling you that the actually toolpath was hand edited(Very helpful if more than one person could be handling this file!)

Spiced up menus and icons… According to the “What’s New Document” CAMWorks is on a continued task of upgrading there menus to fit in the SolidWorks Property format, and making icons easier on the eyes. (Wonder how come this has taken this long).

Some Tool Crib sorting… Got some snazzy header modification available for the tool crib. Ascending, descending, reorder and hide functions.

License Borrowing… Floating license users can borrow specific license for external use. This has to be a fantastic function when you need to bring your CAM with you on your next 6 days cruise.

Simulate and Step Thru Toolpath… This could defiantly become a favorite function. It just need one more trick up its sleeve…Re-generate tool operation!. CAMWorks has added these two taps in the upper right corner of the “Edit Definition…” menu, so you can quickly jump out and verify or step through that operations toolpath. As is now it can defiantly be helpful if you need a refresher on what it did before you entered the “Edit Definition…” but at this point you still have to jump out of the operation to Re-generate the tool operation, so you can not see your changes live. Pray for next service pack.

Conclusion… How was that for enhancements on General Operations? Some new functions and fun tools. Also Check out “What’s New Milling” and “What’s New Turning”.

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