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SolidWorks Drawing Tips and Workarounds

SolidWorks wants to know about your drawing workarounds.

A while back Matt Lorono from SolidWorks started an interesting post on the forum. Looking for user feedback on what is most troublesome in regards using SolidWorks drawings. One could think that the forum is exactly the right place for such a thread, as all of us users should favor that SolidWorks is listening instead of imagine the best develop time spend for upcoming releases.

I thought the time would be well spend on a small video highlighting some drawing tips and workarounds from Matt’s forum post.

Conclusion… There is always some good drawing tips and workarounds to be found. I like one of the comments, “ANSI standard or not. If the boss wants it to look a certain way, that’s the way it has to look”. So I am all thumbs up for SolidWorks asking the question and helpful users feedback. Link to forum thread: Link to foreshorten arrow blog post:

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