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Solidworks and Sony/Ericsson dancing down the street


Back in December 2008 there was this blog post here on “Will James Bond call Solidworks next time?” describing how the Scandinavian cell phone manufacture where buying Solidworks seats.

A month later it was posted that Sony/Ericsson was going to go on stage at SolidworksWorld 2009. “Sony/Ericsson @ SW-World

Jon Hirschtick made a visit to Sweden and out of that visit came this cool look inside there design process at Sony/Ericsson. “Jon Hirschtick of SolidWorks visits Sony/Ericsson

3D rapid printing is not new, but it is getting very affordable, looking at the video you can see Sony/Ericsson is using a Viper HA model from California based 3D Systems, and of course to create the circle, 3D Systems are a Solidworks partner. “3D Systems a Solidworks Solution partner“.

Links to the 3 companies. Solidworks Sony/Ericsson 3D Systems

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