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Leaders Read#27

👋 Hello everyone,

From this week's book, we get one of my favorite quotes and a marvelous lesson in leadership.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Write people's accomplishments in stone and their faults in the sand."


📚 Book Summary:

This week's book is "Bringing out the best in people" by Aubrey C. Daniels.

This book has great insight and guidance when interacting with your team. The book offers wisdom to struggling managers seeking to unravel and unlock the secrets to make their teams perform better and improve the team culture. I wish I had this book when I started my journey as a Shop-floor Supervisor at Rid-Lom.

One of my favorite take away from the book is this:

"If you want to become a more positively reinforcing supervisor or manager tomorrow, you can start by saying the following many times per week: "I have a problem, and I need your help." Most employees, when hearing this, will try to help you. They may not always be able to give you the help you need, but you will probably be surprised at how many times they will. In addition, when they can't help, you will have an opportunity to teach them something aspect of the business."

✅ Actionable advice:

This was my biggest mistake when I started as a supervisor at Rid-Lom Precision Manufacturing. I thought as a manager, I had to have all the answers. Listen: if you had all the answers, you would be rich. If you had all the answers, you would be fit. If you had all the answers, you would rule the world. Ask for help, but don't confuse it for "indecisiveness." At the end of the day, your job is to make decisions.


🧠 5 things I'm thinking about (Marts 22, 2024)

1.Hiring a Civil 3D Enablement Specialist

2.Writing proposal for Senior Manager Mentorship Program

3.Business Group updates

4.Expansion & Growth Contest

5.Business Book Club meeting

Reading "The Customer Success Economy" by Nick Metha & Allison Pickens


Have a great week, everyone!



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