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Is your Solidworks resellers website a favorite?

Counting about 40+ Solidworks Value-Added Resellers in the US alone, there should be enough spectacular CAD service and Solid knowledge floating around the internet. If you take a look you will find that some of these guys have knitted up some pretty cool Solidworks information on there sites. Have you checked your local resellers site lately?

Here is my favorite 10 US Solidworks reseller sites in order. Check them out and leave me a comment, I might just missed one or two that deserve to be mentioned.

Digital Dimensions A very nice crisp layout of a website and pretty easy to navigate. Lou Gallo’s Solidworks Heard is tied into Digital Dimensions, a podcast that is wonderful listen on commuting back and forward to work. With; Tech Tips, podcasts, webcasts, online training via SolidProffesor and links to the Solidworks User Groups there is a lot of info for everyone. I also like the job listings on there sites, a reseller has a big network, I can’t see why customers should not have benefits of that.

GoEngineer Also a nice and easy navigating site. A nice video library and a good overview of the Solidworks certification exams with a neat skill assessment tool.

AligneX Go left for Autodesk. Go right for Solidworks. That is great if you need to design a bridge on Wednesday and a circular saw Thursday. This resellers site holds a lot of text, what means you can easily stuff you brain with a lot of good contest. With a “Mechanical Tech Blog” that contains topics like “Import 3D Data”, “Solidworks Enterprise PDM” and “Thermal study” can you really go wrong?

3D Vision Technologies With a nice blog, very neat Youtube channel and a long Solidworks keyboard shortcut list.

Next Level Easy site to navigate with easy access to free CAD tools, webinars, tips and techniques.

CADimensions With a long list of recorded webinars, well constructed newsletter and a list of 3rd Party CAD services.

CADD-Edge Pretty neat that these guys offer some free Solid professor to there maintenance costumers.

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