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Is that a shipping crate or a 5axis machining center

When buying a 5axis compatible machining center you better have you priorities straight. 1)$Money$ 2)accuracy 3) machine travel etc. The actual visual machine design should not be that important. Then again, if you pay $500.000 for a machine wouldn’t it be appropriate that someone in the design department at least spend an hour or two on the visual eye candy. I have to admit that I care about how the overall machine floor looks, and I know I am not the only one. Here is 10 different machines picked for comments.


There it is, a 5axis out of Taiwan. I think we can agree that this is pretty dull. You got to wonder if the 2 shades of gray really are the designer reaching his highest potential or if they ran out of one shade.(After making that comment I would like to note that I do notice how the dull color matches my blog theme, Yikes)


A big machine coming from Italy. From the picture it looks like it is hard to operate the control while looking through the glass, and the 2 gunslinger air hoses on each side makes me wonder if Clint Eastwood will step out of this box.


This machine has defiantly come a long way since there famous “knee mill”. But from a design standpoint a couple of colored stripes just ain’t doing it.


This is my favorite, Big windows, big doors for easy access. Modern machine control what looks like a LED monitor attached.


The red color defiantly stands out and the stainless curved door handle could have been stolen from a modern shower door at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The control looks kinda boxy, don’t you think?


Just a reminder what standards we should hold when talking design and quality, pretty sweet looking eh :-).


White, White, White. 1st hand experience with the Kita. Great machine accuracy, but design is 0. Absolutely boring. And over the years that machine will turn white with a dust of dark grain. Ugly!


Not a watch or chocolate but a Schweiz 5axis machining center. From the picture it almost looks like it got tinted windows, what would be weird. But the angulared front does give it some caractor.


You have to applause the color selection on the Matsuura, it stand out compared to the competition. But the cross hatched windows are in my opinion not more than a visible barrier and the doors are to narrow.


American NASCAR Star Tony Stewart in front of the Haas VF2 limited colored racer. A low priced machine, but a design favorite from a operators standpoint. Big windows and a operator friendly control, attachments etc.


Another machine with a solid reputation, but can we agree that without a single curve the bordeaux color is not going to carry this design?.

As the 5axis leaves the catwalk I am pretty sure that I will never be asked to be a judge in any style or fashion contest, and as I pointed out in the beginning; Style, color and design is not a determent factor when purchase a 5axis machine. But never the less I do find it interesting to line the different models up and compare what the different manufactures have designed.

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