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Is that a shipping crate or a 5axis machining center

When buying a 5axis compatible machining center you better have you priorities straight. 1)$Money$ 2)accuracy 3) machine travel etc. The actual visual machine design should not be that important. Then again, if you pay $500.000 for a machine wouldn’t it be appropriate that someone in the design department at least spend an hour or two on the visual eye candy. I have to admit that I care about how the overall machine floor looks, and I know I am not the only one. Here is 10 different machines picked for comments.












As the 5axis leaves the catwalk I am pretty sure that I will never be asked to be a judge in any style or fashion contest, and as I pointed out in the beginning; Style, color and design is not a determent factor when purchase a 5axis machine. But never the less I do find it interesting to line the different models up and compare what the different manufactures have designed.

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