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GrabCAD Workbench Professional now has SolidWorks add-in

GrabCAD might have been your favorite hub for cool 3D models but has become so much more with their new “collaboration/Dropbox on steriods” Workbench feature.

From GrabCAD

Workbench gives user the capabilities to automatically sync their desktop files to cloud projects, lock files, manage file versions, visualize version differences, resolve conflicts and more. With the SolidWorks addin, Workbench users can upload and download files as well as resolve conflicts from within SolidWorks. SolidWorks is the first CAD system supported because it is the most popular among current Workbench users. GrabCAD plans to support other CAD systems in the future and is in discussion with major CAD vendors.

Conclusion… 1st of the SolidWorks add-in is not free but very affordable (Check pricing beneath). It is awesome when someone decides to push the envelope and challenge the way we all work. GrabCAD has decided to do this! Success always comes when you step outside your comfort zone. So if you haven’t go test it out! Grabcad Pricing

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