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Engineering Technology, The year 1996

Continuing with the DE Desktop Engineering magazine inspired history run, we enter the year 1996. The internet has climbed to 40 million users, and the CAD/CAM world has not stopped moving either. Geometric launches CAMWorks

Geometric was set up as a division of Godrej and Boyce in 1984, being one of the pioneers of software technology in India.

Steve Jobs returns to Apple

Gil Amelio takes over as CEO at Apple and Steve Jobs is hired as consultant, however only one year later Gil is ousted and Steve Jobs becomes interim CEO.

Autodesk release Mechanical Desktop

I found this in the original press release from that year… “By providing the flexibility to use 2D or 3D or to start in 2D and move to 3D based on user preference, the Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, is well positioned to become a leading mechanical design software application.”…The product was later replaced by Inventor. What else… The name EBay is here. Do you remember Dolly? the cloned sheep! IBM’s Deep Blue defeats Chess Champion Gary Kasparov for the first time. American Pathfinder launched on its 310 million mile mission to Mars.

1996 is at a close, now you have the choice to go back a year 1995, or wait a few days until we jump into 1997

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