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A quick look outside the Mastercam world

We all know it can be hard finding the time to do much between shoveling snow and trying to pay the mortgage. That’s why it is nice when someone else will do the leg work for you, just sit back and spend a quick 5 minutes exploring what else is going on a couple of places outside the Mastercam world with a cup of coffee. 1st. thing should be reading Al Deans article in the Develop3D Magazine, Mr.Dean have spend a day at Delcam Headquarters and reports back with a good read, check it out.

For some reason when I start thinking of other Cad/Cam packages beside Mastercam, Siemens always comes to mind. Here is a couple of short videos for you to check out.

Coffee is gone, time to get back to work, but 5 minute break……arhh don’t we all feel better now?

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