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5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-12)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.

1.You can use the Split Part feature to remove geometry from an imported body. This can be used in the place of trying to create a cut feature, which might alter the model geometry. It can also help simplyfy the model for use with FeatureWorks.

2.If the Ctrl key is held down while creating sketch entities, automatich Inferencing is disabled.

3.You can change a solid body to a surface body by deleting one of the solid’s faces.

4.You can specify a break in a dimension’s withess line if it overlaps another withess line. Select the dimension, and in the Property Manager select ‘Break Dimension Lines.’

5.Using the Reload/Replace tool, you can replace a part with an assembly, or an assembly with a part.

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