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4 Things you need to know about SolidWorks Rx

  1. It can quickly determine if you are having a graphics card issues

  2. It is simply the best way to get the right graphics driver for SolidWorks

  3. It is a great way to assure your computer is a lean mean CAD machine

  4. It can provide the right info to solve possible problems you might experiencing

It has been almost 10 years since one of the main CAD influencers, Greg Jankowski from SolidWorks, wrote this intro for the Rx tool on The power of this tool is awesome. Here is 4 reasons why… Where to start…

Simply hit your Windows start button and type “rx”, then it will appear at the top of the list…click it! 1)

Starting SolidWorks in OpenGL mode will take you graphics card out commission. Result= If you still see weird graphics issues, it ain’t your graphics cards fault, so blame something else. 2)

Second tab “Diagnostic” gives you a quick link to get your latest certified graphics card driver (Need internet connection, and a supported graphics card) Note: A Nvidia Quadro K2000 or similar should be plenty for most SolidWorks users. 3)

Would Jeff Gordon or Kimi Raikkonen’s pit crew ever send them on the track without having checked the oil level and tire pressure? Well, I like to believe we are just as professional as they are. Don’t forget “CheckDisk” and “Defrag”, and with the enhanced options when hitting “Start Maintenance” such as schedule it to run at your convenience, there is no excuse not to keep that CAD machine in good shape my friend 🙂 4)

If it is time to call a friend, and things are just not working right with SolidWorks. Your reseller will hug you when you let them know you can forward them a SolidWorks Rx Capture. This data holds no personal information, but gives them most of all the data they could ever ask for in regards your system set up. On top of that, if the reseller has to escalate things to SolidWorks, they will be just as thrilled to receive this. Conclusion… It is a cool tool! You are cool!! You need to use it!!!

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