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Your music and people by Derek Sivers ~ 3 minute read

I finished this book in December 2020. I recommend this book 10/10

Derek Sivers is one of the best "Students of life" of our time. Derek is a writer, musician, programmer, and entrepreneur. Your best introduction to his work is by listening to the podcast Tim Ferries did here.

I recently commented on my favorite of Derek's book, "Hell Yeah or No." That book asked some outstanding questions about life. "Your music and people" is more of a guide to living a creative life. Something we all should consider.

You can get your copy here.

My thoughts and notes:

  • Business is creative: You should go about business the same way you go about creating content. Be creative in the way you promote yourself and the work you and your team do.

  • This is only a test. See what happens: Treat work as a big test laboratory. Do something and just see what happens; that way, you don't have to take everything so seriously.

  • Restrictions will set you free: Use time limits to get things done.

  • "Marketing" Just means being considerate: It's not supposed to be a machine; it's supposed to be about taking another person's point of view and show them something better.

  • Constantly ask what they really want: Thinking of everything from the other person's view is one of the best things you can do. When on a call, writing an email, or making a presentation. Be what they want.

  • Don't try to sound big: Write back to your fans as you were their friend. They value you for the content you've created, so continue their journey by also see you are a good person.

  • Considerate communication: Make sure your communication is short and gets to the point. Then if the person wants more information or discusses more in detail, remember, you were the one reaching out to them in the first place.

  • Be personal: You will always get the better deal when you are considered a friend vs. a professional. Be personal.

  • Always think about how you can help someone: Give give, give give, and sometimes receive.

  • Pedestals prevent friendships: Don't put people on pedestals; just be a friend.

  • What it means to be resourceful: Be creative, rebellious, determined, and unstoppable.

  • It means asking for help but not waiting for help: It means connecting with people and figure out how we can help each other.

  • Get specific: Rule #1: Write down every detail you know. Rule #2: Research what you don't know.

  • Assume nobody is going to help you: It's more useful to assume that's it's all up to you.

  • Not happy with existing venues? Make a new one: If you're not happy with the way things are, don't just complain. Go make things how they should be.

  • Don't promote until people can take action: Don't promote your new idea that you anticipate will be become a great project for people to support until it's actually a thing. You have people's attention, but they can't see it, or help to promote it, because it's just a vision in your head.

  • Compass in your gut. Two needles: 1. What excites you 2. What drains you

  • Whatever excites you, go do it.

  • Whatever drains you, stop doing.

  • There's almost nothing that you must do.

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