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The Leadership book you need to own NOW- 2 minutes read

Are you looking to have your team function as efficiently as the NAVY SEALS? Would you like the lieutenant commander of SEAL Team 3 to hand over his entire leadership, strategy, and tactics field manual? That would be convenient, wouldn't it?

Jocko Willink wrote Extreme Ownership a few years ago; this was a NY Times bestseller and the book I have gifted more than any other book. You will be amazed by learning how leadership handled in these elite militaries teams, can elevate your "boring" office battlefield you are fighting every day: Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics Field Manual on Amazon.

My notes and thoughts:

  • It is your responsibility to create a good relationship with your boss. Don't let your ego get in the way. If there is a problem, resolve it, that is what leaders do up and down the chain of command.

  • Remember to lead both from the front and the rear. From time to time, let the team figure out the plan and do your best to support the team.

  • As a leader, your goal should be to look up and out, not down and in your team. The goal is not only to guide the development of the plan but then also to observe the execution. This means the leader shouldn't be doing much of the actual doing.

  • The team doesn't always see what you see. Assuming they have the information is careless. Take responsibility to keep the troops informed at all times.

If you are disappointed in this book, I will refund you the money. Read on!

Best, Lars

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