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The Executive Compass by James O'Toole

I re-read this book in July 2022. I recommend this book 2/10.

A book about how Liberty, Efficiency, Equality, and Community are pulling against each other. The book displays the views of Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, etc. The book highlights current and past values and issues but never comes to any resolution.

You can get your copy here.

My notes and thoughts:

  • While the two positions thus overlap, they are quite distinct. Libertarians value the economic effects of a free market but reserve their highest praise for systems that promote individualism, be it social, political, or economic. While corporatists, too, value market mechanisms, they reserve their greatest praise for systems that promote the order and efficiency of the whole. While Libertarians talk about entrepreneurship and individual preferences, the language of Corporatism is that of planning, technology, optimization, power, and organization. Thus Libertarians would favor the social, political, and economic system found in the American West during the Gold Rush, while Corporatists would prefer the system found in Lee Kuan Yew's post-World War II Singapore. Similarly, the behavior, attitude, and political preference of American entrepreneurs of professional managers of Fortune 500 firms tend to be corporatists.

  • Theodore Roosevelt speech Page 117.

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