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Start This Decade Thinking Strategically - 1 minute read

We're entering an entirely new decade. If you are looking for help to assure that you are not falling behind, this book recommendation might help you on your way.

This is the first time many of us are entering a decade with complete control of our decisions, mindset, attitude, and goals.

Thinking Strategically is a great read going into 2020. I found this book full of practical advice and tips helping me see the big picture and make sure my team aligns with the overall company strategy for this year and years to come. Thinking Strategically on Amazon

A handful of my notes and thoughts:

  • Make sure connecting with more customers to assure that I really understand their challenges.

  • Think about the competitor's perspectives and reactions to our initiatives.

  • Create a "New Ideas" agenda item to our Team Meetings (How many great ideas are lost because managers are not utilizing their team's brain-power).

Where do you want to be at the end of 2020? What about 2030? Who do you want to be? That's whom you're working for for the next 10 years.

You know that before you know it, you'll be in 2030.

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