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Software e-newsletter you actually want to read

It seems like every software company just have a lot of joy spamming your inbox with newsletters and such these days, so it was with a smile that I saw Mastercam had stuffed there newest version in my inbox. Just another advertising, flashy big lettered pdf, right?………….nope.

The topics in this “Mastercam Shop Talk” is actually useful tech tips, work around and advice. Here is a example that is in regards to Mastercam and Solidworks.

PDMWorks® and Mastercam PDMWorks—an application for SolidWorks® that is now called SolidWorks Enterprise PDM—is a security vault that controls access to SolidWorks files. This vault lets you select a file and open it with a program. If you try to open a file from within the vault with Mastercam, Mastercam crashes while opening the file. You must first check the file out of the vault, and then it can be opened with Mastercam. (TT0408)

Some of the other topics are:

Windows Updates and Google Earth interfere with Mastercam.

Resizing Full-screen Window.

Verifying with multiple stock options.

It is for maintenance customers only from next issue and forward, what should according CNC Software be send out quarterly (looking at there track record in regards to maintenance releases, we might see the next one in June 2009).

This is a great idea, how come you get your latest maintenance upgrade from your Cad/Cam provider and then its like they crawl back in there cave, resellers are struggling finding the answers and forums are crowded with questions and frustrations. This kind of newsletter actually makes you think that someone is alive in the other end, and this is cheap costumer support/service for the Cad/Cam provider to produce.

Link to the whole pdf

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