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Play-Good Part3, Stock and Chain it


Part 1, Created work origin and got the Solidworks file imported into Mastercam.

Part 2, Created solid into workable geometry and adding things like corner radiuses.

Part 3, At this point we are ready to pick our machine, and setup stock information for verify and throw toolpaths on our Lego block.


Just going to stop for a second and touch of a couple of technical questions that could arise. Why Vertical Machining Center and not 4 axis Horizontal? What kinda Material are we cutting? Highspeed cutters or solid carbide? 2, 3, 4 flutes? Surface Feed, Chip per tooth. If you want to dick deeper into those questions please do not hesitate and leave a comment, but at this point I’m sure if anyone made it this far, and to much text might just scare them away, so until then I will wing it with out much explanation (Now the ball is in your court, kinda like a dare).





Part 4, we will do the opposite side of our Lego block, stay tuned……

#toolpath #Solidworks #Lego #CNC #Mastercam #CADCAM

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