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Nesting Super Powers in SolidWorks with CAMWorks Nesting

CAMWorks is handing out a helping hand to the fabrication community!

1st. thing that stands out to me is how easy this add-on is to use.

You have just finished your stress full design process, and getting things to actually result in something that can be cut on the Laser, Waterjet or speed through the Wood router seems like an impossible task. Well, CAMWorks Nesting might just be the tool that is going to prevent you from another late night fighting stock sizes and layouts.


The following information is from the website above and the 20min. webinar CAMWorks provided.

Sooo, it is probably most important to inform that this is fully integrated into SolidWorks, but also supports IGES, STEP, ACIS and Parasolids.

You can nest smaller parts inside larger parts if material availability allows it. Choose grain direction and use customizable material libraries.

Did I say the how easy it is to use, 2 taps…

More Information…

Material type and thickness’ are automatically extracted from your SolidWorks part, Assembly or Sheet Metal part.

Your Nesting parameters are saved right inside your SolidWorks file.

You can even use DXF files for your custom sheet sizes (A chance to play with your free 2D software DraftSight

Need more info but really no time?…

 I created a 4min. video trying to get you the information you need. Go Go Nesting!


Unless you really enjoy move things around to make thing fits, and really are not concerned about the whole “Time is Money” I think you owe yourself to take a look at this product.

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