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Learning Solidworks while dreaming of open roads

Remember the days where you had to unplug the phone line and get your dial up modem spinning for then knowing that about a pot of coffee later you had internet exlporer 1.0 loaded (That was Windows 95 by the way). But these days with laptops, Blackberrys and Ipads web pages are sliding past our eyes like a freight train………Sooo I have to conclude that you feel just as web hardcore as I do, what merely just results in that I am opinionated about what a cool web design is……feel you are hard to impress? me too (Previous blog post ranking top 10 Solidworks resellers website) Is your Solidworks resellers website a favorite?

So when you come across a site where your hands starts getting sweaty and you are scrambling for the bookmark button because a power outage would be devastating. Adding the bonus of Solidworks and learning on top of that what more can you ask for? Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn is the guy behind this sweet looking site. Jan-Willem has placed in the top 3 in multiple design contests, and now is your chance to learn his tricks and magic using our favorite design package Solidworks. I have to be clear that I have not had a chance to try any of these tutorials as of yet, but the concept is this…

For a very low price (Hey girls, fathers day is coming up soon~wink wink) you get the tutorial package containing of 15 E-books saved as PDF files. The readers will learn how to model, assemble and render a complete Chopper using SolidWorks. Using Jan-Willem’s own words: It will help to discover the most important features of SolidWorks in a creative and innovative way. All the exercises together will form a complete chopper. This practical way of working makes it challenging and fun for the participant and is one of the greatest strengths of SolidWorksModel.

Now I can hear people comments about how they don’t design motorcycles, have no use for rendering skills or even someone telling me that they have purchased Solidworks tutorials before, just to find that people don’t bother using them. Could it possible be because people really have a hard time getting excited about pattern a refrigerator rack or revolve a candlestick holder? (who other than your grandmother have one these anyways?). The cool thing about this package is that you not only get to learn a bunch of Solidworks skills, but you also get a satisfaction in the end by creating something really cool. You show the final result to your teenage son and tell me that you don’t get invited to next carrier day at school.

Check it out for yourself

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