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Learning Inventor HSM in bite size

I don’t like learning new software; too many times I find myself confused and frustrated. After what seems like hours, I finally bow my head and Google “How to learn…”

What I have realized is that I’m not always looking for the same type of help. Sometimes I’m looking for “why”-type help and other times I’m looking for the practical “how” kind. The “why”-type help always needs to come before the “how”. It’s when you have that glazed-over look on your face versus “Oh, now I get it.” About a month ago, I posted a “why” series on learning Inventor HSM Now that you have the “why”, you’re ready to continue onto “How”. I am happy to share the next series, one that shows the short, bite sized “how” on learning Inventor HSM. These videos are broken down into individual toolpaths and will not cost you more than 3-5 minutes of your time. I would love if you subscribed to this YouTube playlist as this short series will grow into a long list of “how”- type tutorials.

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