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How to think like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Gelb.

I finished this book in February 2023. I recommend this book 6/10.

Not a business book. But it will give you step-by-step exercises to better observe the world around you. I've improved at taking notes during meetings and reintroduced mind mapping to help me visualize strategy, team meetings, etc.

Get your copy here.

My notes and thoughts:

  • P58. You can, like Leonardo, facilitate Curiosità by keeping a notebook or journal. Get a bound notebook or a journal filled with blank pages. You can use anything from the eighty-nine-cent K mart version to the fancy one with an inspiring image on the front cover. The important thing is to carry it with you everywhere and write in it regularly.

  • P66. Some people like to muse on the philosophical conundrum "What is the meaning of life?" But more practical philosophers ask, " How can I make my life meaningful?"

  • P66. Begin by asking the simple, "naive" questions that sophisticated people are prone to overlook. Da Vinci's questioning was often striking in its simplicity, as when he wrote, "I ask why the hammer blow causes the nail to jump out" or "Why is the sky blue?" In your notebook, write out a problem or question that you are concerned with in your personal or professional life and ask: What? When? Who? How? Where? and Why?

  • P185. A section on Mind Mapping.

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