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How to import Solidworks into Mastercam-New for X4!


Old School If you have not had the pleasure of upgrading to MastercamX4 and you would like to know how to import Solidworks into Mastercam without your model ending looking at you upside down, check out this previus blog post where importing into Mastercam was what we did Play-Good Part1, Solidworks into Mastercam

Punk Rock 2009 School….way… Our 4axis tombstone drawn just as we like to view things in Isometric view in Solidworks 2009.


There is going to be enough of screen shots in this post, so I hope you forgive me for not include one of the “Open File => *.sldprt”.



#Solidworks #MastercamX4 #CNC #Mastercam #CADCAM

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