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How to fix Mastercam views for SpacePilot PRO

3Dconnexion do not write any patches for Mastercam it is the other way around, so with the new SpacePilot PRO on the Market less than a week you are going to find you are missing bottom, back and left view on you SpacePilot PRO. Hopefully it will be taken care of with the next Mastercam upgrade, but until then why don’t we just fix it ourselves.

In Mastercam go to Settings => Key Mapping

Under (1) Category select View Manipulation => (2) click bottom view => and by default (3) would be Alt+4 click (2) and check that back is Alt+3 and left is Alt+6 (all default settings)

Push the menu button on your SpacePilot PRO and click “Custom functions”

Click (1) New => Type (2) function name “Mastercam Bottom” => (3) Hold down “Alt” Key and pres “4” => Press (4) Save.

Press New again and repeat last instructions for the last 2 views.

Push the menu button on your SpacePilot PRO and press the drop down menu for the “B” button and select “Mastercam Bottom”.

Repeat for the “L” and the “Bk” drop down menu.

Last, Do Not Forget to Save.

So now, no need to wait for next Mastercam release, right? 😉

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