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Get to the point…with MastercamX4

Creating points in Mastercam can be useful in any design that contains more than a couple of arcs and lines, or as if programming WEDM a necessity. MastercamX4 has some pretty nifty point tools that you might find handy in your daily master creations.

Point Dynamic… I’m finding myself having a lot of fun with anything called Dynamic in MastercamX4 🙂 Clicking an entity on the screen and the dynamic arrow appears, letting you move the cursor along the entity (spline/line whatever) creating points or even perpendicular lines in relationship with the entity.

The ribbon bar gives you some different tools such as offset, distance and the “Flip” button that I always have to click a couple of times, just because it is a nice function and kind of fun.

Important!….Important!… Important to point out for WEDM people that the thread and cut points are available in the lower attributes drop down box to be used with all the different point tools.

Segments… Need a certain amount of point along your entity? from one or the other edge? this would be your tool of selection.

Endpoints… A quick way to place endpoints on every entity, even circles…yep everything need a startpoint and endpoint, just like the circle of life.

Small Arcs… You need a max arc size and then all your thread points are conveniently place in the center of your arc ~it is not magic…but almost~, it even let you toggle radius on or off.

And the point is… That these functions may not rock your daily world, but one day ~And I am pointing at you~ you will use one of these function, because speed is your thing.

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