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CAMWorks makes eDrawings one cut better

One of my favorite features in CAMWorks is that the stock manager automaticly displays the minimum requried stock size needed for your part.

This feature itself might not seem as very magically fantastic. However I can not count how many times someone have shouted FIRE because ordering of material had been forgotten, and promised delivery date now is in jeopardy. Causing me to scrable solid parts and measuring tools to get the numbers on paper. Feeling the pressure as a mistake of wrong size material would never be forgiven. So maybe this simple tool could be lifesaving after all :-).

Now since eDrawings is also a Geometric product like CAMWorks you can actually inject this automatically stock boundary into this easily share able format. Highlight the Stock Manager in the CAMWorks Feature Tree, and the stock boundary will display around our SolidWorks part in the graphics display. Then the next step is choosing “Publish To eDrawing” on the CAMWorks Command Manager, and now you have easy Markup tools* to quickly add dimensions and notes.

Conclusion… This can be a great tool for shops where ordering of stock is a yellow sticker with what looks like a doctor note handed to a secretary. Just imagine how cool you would look sending an eDrawing with measurement, stock boundary and notes along with the quote, making everyone’s life’s easier.

*Markup tools is part of eDrawing Professional that comes standard with SolidWorks Professional and Premium

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