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SolidWorks SP1.0 available for download… Link [Lars:If your company is paying for subscription it might be fun to test this release out. Do not forget you can run it side by side with an older version of SolidWorks. If your company pay for subscription they also pay for you to get support from you local SolidWorks reseller. Use them!] Dassault to Acquire RTT, Best Known for Automotive Visualization… Link [Lars:Just take a minute and check out the link above. This kind of technology is amazing looking. Come on Dassault, this would be a great Christmas present for SolidWorks users…I’m dreaming of a RTT add-on :-)] ANSYS 15.0 Released… Link [Lars:New releases normally means that the developers have been hard at work. Sure this powerful simulation software is more powerful than ever] Stratasys Offers FDM Nylon 12 for 3D Printing… Link [Lars:3D printing is just getting better and better, and with this new materials being developed the use of this technology is super exciting] 7 Things You Didn’t Know About 3D Printing… Link [Lars:Well, I did not know either] The World’s Largest Ship Inches Closer to Completion… Link [Lars:Awesome story on Does size matter?] Recent blog posts on cadcamstuff… [Lars:Check out one of the following blog posts you might have missed] SolidWorks Drawing Tips and Workarounds Use SolidWorks Costing to find the right price Let the SpaceMouse navigate your 3D creation And in the end a little “The Rock” advice…

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