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BobCAD-CAM now roars inside Solidworks

I’m having a hard time finding anything negative to say about getting my CAM inside Solidworks, and it seems like the major CAM companies has realized that they better got on the Solidworks-train.

BobCAD-CAM has been known for doing things differently compared to there competitors. No resellers, openly posting prices on there website, free post processor modifications, and very affordably. BobCAD-CAM has been many startup shops entrance in to the CAD/CAM world.

I think it is great to see that BobCAD-CAM have taken the step to mingle with the other CAM companies inside Solidworks. This can only result in companies like Mastercam, Esprit and Delcam to work a little harder to justify there price and quality for there Solidworks add-on’s.

At this point BobCAD-CAM offer 2. 3 and 4 axis Milling with a supposedly 5th axis version available in 2011. They also has become a Solidworks OEM reseller and sell a slimmed down Solidworks version that fits there quest for bringing affordable CAD/CAM to you.

I recently sat in on a online demo of this new roaring cat and are sharing the screenshots here.


so if you are looking for an affordable solution to stuff you CAM inside Solidworks, this might be your Solidworks partner. BobCAD-CAM also share there pricing and there available demo for download here

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