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Biggest Manufacturing Event in North America – 1 minute read

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Have you booked your hotel yet? What?!?!

IMTS in Chicago is about ten weeks away; I might have promised to buy you a drink in one of my videos, so make sure you reach out and get your name on that list 🙂

Besides that I need to bring my wallet for your drink, what else is worth for you to check out:

Autodesk is serving up a few products you should make sure you take a look at:

1. Fusion Production, this is the latest in scheduling software that will keep track as work as it passes through the shop

2. PowerMill is not just your five-axis powerhouse, did you know it also has Additive toolpath functions?

3. While we enjoy that drink, we need to talk about how you can use Generative Design within Fusion 360 can make your design life easier

It will, as always be an awesome show! I am looking forward to shaking your hand! And in the meantime, check out this video I did on Fusion Production. Tell me if that doesn’t excite you:

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