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Big Money Energy by Ryan Serhant ~ 5 minute read

I finished this book in March 2021. I recommend this book 9/10.

This is the second book by Ryan Serhant. Ryan is a New York realtor who has grown to one of the most prominent realtors while become famous from a TV show about the same topic and vlogging on YouTube.

Ryan can seem a little too over-the-top positive/energetic. Still, he operates on some really good operational foundation, and it's difficult not to get inspired and fire up your go-getter inner-self when ready his books. You can get your copy here.

My notes and thoughts:

  • P16- Code#1-When you can't change your circumstances, there's one thing you can change: your energy.

  • P26-Code#2-If you need to mask your insecurities, amplify the traits that are working for you.

  • P29- The three points of persuasion:

    • Let it sink in: Show some patience. Give people a moment to let the idea sink in.

    • Solve a problem: Demonstrate how the idea you're proposing can make someone's life easier or eliminate a problem.

    • No room for NO: Never ask a question they can say no to. People respond better if offered options. "Do you want to sweater in green or red?"

  • P41- Code#3-Fill your mind with positive thoughts for at least 10 seconds before meeting anyone. If your head is in a good place, you'll exude positivity and confidence, and it will set the tone for the meeting.

  • P49- Code#4- Don't be afraid to fail. Your life's worth isn't determined by a single moment.

  • P59- Mantra#1- I'm fierce, I'm bold, I have control, and I have Big Money Energy.

  • P60- The blueprint: Go Bigger:

    • Step one: Get over yourself - Stop playing the blame game.

    • Step two: Flip the script - If things aren't going in the direction you'd like them to go, take control.

    • Step three: Master the 3 points of persuasion - Let it sink in, Solve a problem, and there is no room for no.

    • Step four: Be a wolf, Not a puppy.

  • P74- Code#5- Insist on brutally honest feedback. Demand it! And appreciate how the short-term pain will promote long-term growth in YOU.

  • P76- Code#6- Ignore all noise that's not beneficial to you. It's not raining if you don't get wet.

  • P91- Code#7- If you want people to take you seriously, start by looking like someone who should be taken seriously.

  • P98- Code#8- Don't dress for your mood today; dress for the success you want tomorrow.

  • P104- Code#9- If you want to convince someone to spend more, never focus on the money—focus on the value.

  • P107- Code#10- When a client hits you with a crazy demand, know it's never about the money; it's about establishing control.

  • P108- The 3 Cs: Calm, control, and conviction

    • Calm = in charge. Make sure your thoughts are clear to you first, make a decision, and then clearly relay your expectations.

    • Control: You need to set "No-go zones" or boundaries. Many times when someone is asking for something ridiculous, it's about power; think of the negotiation book, where you need to bring the conversation to the level of expectations.

    • Conviction: Own your thoughts and ideas and share them with other people. Even if you're wrong or you change your mind later when you get new information.

  • P112- Handle people by the MAP checklist:

    • Material: Is there material information? This could be analytics, research, or other know facts.

    • Answer: Do you have an answer to the problem? Can you envision how this situation will be resolved?

    • Personality: Who are you dealing with? Is the client someone who appreciates the play-by-play information? We have all worked with people who want to know everything, even if it's something minor.

  • P118- Minute killer #1: The perfection trap.

  • P120- Code#11-Perfectionism is like a straitjacket that you need to break out of if you want to take risks, go bigger, and succeed on the highest level.

  • P121- If you struggle with perfection, use the TAG method:

    • Trust: Know what you're doing. Overthinking is the gateway to perfectionism. You DO have the skills to execute the task. Don't overthink it.

    • Ask: Talk to someone who knows more than you; this could be a colleague or co-worker for feedback.

    • Give: Give yourself a time limit. Two minutes for an email, an hour for a PPT. This will train your brain to move through these tasks without draining your minute bank.

  • P125- When things go wrong, use the CPR method:

    • Control: There are things you can't control and things you can control. You can control how busy you are: How many meetings you set up in a day, how many cold calls you make, how much time you spend following up with potential clients. Stay busy, create opportunities for new work.

    • Perspective: Change your perspective on problems — expect them. Succeeding involves risk-taking; failure and disappointment are part of the combination. Prepare yourself each day to expect failure, and you won't focus on those angry minutes as much as you used to.

    • Re-engage: Do you want to spend your valuable minutes crying to yourself? Resist the urge to throw a pity party and re-engage. You re-invest. You take advantage of the loss, and you make it up by going even harder.

  • P129- Start with a time audit: write down what you do every 15 minutes for a couple of days. The results may surprise you. Are you spending 100 minutes on YouTube watching puppies snuggle babies? Are you spending 300 minutes a week doing laundry? These are your precious minutes, and you need to decide if that's where you want to spend them.

  • P132- Break your time into 3 categories: 1, Important tasks: Finder, Keeper, and follow back. 2, Draining tasks: Spend no time here: Home projects you can hire someone to do (painting, Cutting the lawn) 3, Bonus minutes: Make sure you don't spend it on YouTube, but actually do something productive.

  • P137- Sometimes, in sales, I feel like a doctor who is being blamed for telling his client he has lung cancer. "You should have told me sooner! I'm suing you!" " I....just met you. You....also shouldn't have smoked for fifty years. Just sayin'!"

  • P140- Code#12-Always focus on a client's goal to get your win.

  • P144- Code#13-Once a decision is made, never waiver. All energy is directed towards ensuring its success.

  • P150- It's about DOING. And the next time a moldy lemon is tossed my way? I'm going to do the same thing—I'll stay positive. Think creatively, and do what I think is right. If I end up with a perfect glass of lemonade, then awesome! If I don't, well, that's on me, but I won't stop trying to make something amazing.

  • P151- Mantra#2- I'm brilliant, I'm polished, I'm deserving, I have big money energy.

  • P165- I got out my calendar and put a big, fat, red circle around the date that fell four weeks after Hell Monday. I jotted down the feelings I was having: despair, fear, anger, frustration, desperation. I also wrote down "72 million" — to remind myself of the horror. Life and work went on. While I was obviously worried about the loss of commission on that huge number, I had to accept that I couldn't get it back. One month later and I saw the red circle: the worst day of my career, but I was still here. I can survive.

  • P168- When you're faced with a loss—take an action, any action. Ask yourself what you can do right now to plan your own comeback. Take INITIATIVE. Initiative is your life raft.

  • P169- Code#14-Starting over isn't starting from scratch; you still have your skills and experience. It's not starting over — it's starting again.

  • P170- I don't know what the next week, month, or even a year will bring — but I'm prepared to be flexible, to evolve and adapt, so I can make it through whatever craziness comes next; alien invasion, zombies, land sharks, you name it. No matter what happens, remember that you have control. You can stand up and take one small step at any time. It doesn't have to be big! You don't have to wait for someone to tell you it's safe, or it's a good idea! You have the power to take a single step. You have the power to create the change you want.

  • P178- Code#15-Successful people make decisions based on their commitments. Amateurs make decisions based on how they feel.

  • P180- Structure-Think of being surrounded by imaginary walls made out of fierce discipline, incredible focus, and impenetrable systems.

  • P182- Plan-Your roadmap to success. How exactly are you going to get to where you want to be? Think about the resources and tools you need to reach your goal. Connect with people who can help you get there — that could mean hiring an assistant or just outsourcing all of your laundry. Make the investment to get your time back.

  • P183- You've created a healthy structure for yourself, you've made a plan — you've changed that plan as needed. Success is a long game; that means putting in the work and staying committed even though there's no clear view of the success that's waiting for you. Outlasting everyone else is about stamina, tenacity, and getting comfortable with the unknown.

  • P187- If you want to rise to the top of your field, you need to constantly ask yourself, "What else can I do?"

  • P193- Reputation- You need to think about what steps you can take to show the world how capable you are. You might need to do more networking or be more vocal about your wind to current and potential clients. Your reputation can grow like weeds...So what's being spread around needs to be positive.

  • P197- Code#16-Every goal needs a picture of success. Visualize what your big success looks like daily.

  • P201- Compete like crazy — toss in a dash of revenge. Maintain your reputation, learn to delegate, and maintain focus — all of it is key. But don't forget to leave an open have no idea who may come along and want to sit down.

  • P206- Set your ego in place right now. If you want to dominate in life, understand this: all successful people are opportunists. These people jump on great opportunities with zero hesitation. They think big and know they'll figure out a way to turn each opportunity into success.

  • P207- An opportunist understands that to make millions of dollars, you have to fo for it. That means being able to ignore insecurities and fears and pursue every opportunity available.

  • P212- I have to push myself out of my bubble. Twice a month, I schedule "Growth work" in my calendar. These pockets of time are dedicated to attending events where I'll meet new interesting, and creative people and be exposed to new ideas.

  • P221- Mantra#3 I'm upbeat, I'm expansive, I radiate success, and I have big money energy.

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