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A trick or two on how to select in MastercamX4

Selecting, that’s what we do ………. selecting and picking geometry and solids all day long, right? I am confident that you got the left-clicking pretty much under control, and dragging a window a cross for selecting geometry most likely ain’t making you palm sweat. Here is a couple of selection methods in Mastercam you might didn’t know about… (Solidworks? did cover a couple in this previous post if you missed it)

Vector Selection with Alt-key… Hold “Alt” down while you drag a line through the entities you need … to easy I know.

Chain selection with Shift-key… Hold “Shift’ down and click a entity, and your chain selection is active. Note, Mastercam does not handle this like a normal chain like you see for toolpaths, but this is sure a fast way to pick a lot of geometry in a hurry.

Last selection… A cool little button on the General Selection Menu bar that needs mentioned here. One click and you’re previous selection reappear….sweet.

“Ctrl” + “A” key… Did you know? …… this keyboard combination will select everything on the screen…swing.

Area selection… This function will react different depending on what your system configuration is set at…

Placing the cursor at the red dot, making sure none of the geometry is highlighted and press “shift”, a pretty nifty feature to remember is available for you to use.

That’s it for now, remember life is about making the right choices, so ….. pick something, select something …… make something cool.

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