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5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-15)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.

1.You can specify the defalt line font for many types of drawing items. Click Tools, Options, Document Properties, Line Font.

2.A sketch has a minus in front of its name in the FeatureManager desing tree if it is under defined, and a plus sign if it is over defined.

3.If you drag a part into the the FeatureManager design tree of an assembly, the origin of the part is made coincident with the assembly origin, and the planes of the part are aligned with the assembly planes.

4.When lofting between similar profiles, it is often useful to copy the sketches. Select the sketch from the FeatureManager design tree, or select one of the entities and use Ctrl-C to copy it. Then select a plane or planar face and use Ctrl-V to paste the sketch.

5.You can zoom to Fit by pressing the ‘F’ key.

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