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Who dare talking about money?

Me, fact is that many bigger companies have a budget running from calender year to calender year, and that means time is almost up, and before I show you what I purchased this past year let me just say that I work in a company where the IT yearly budget is calculated from leftover quarters in the coffee can, well that is not true (Its work in progress) but a few years back I was talking about graphics cards and got a list of $50 to $100 graphics cards and was asked which one I wanted, if I back then had said what I really wanted there would have been a lot of laughter, not so much more but I still don’t have it, yep work in progress. So when it came to do minor IT purchases this past year, I took matter in own hands, 1st of all I was sick and tired of using a $15 Dell mouse so I bought the mother of all mouses, thinking that I am the one using it every day, and if I got fired I would just take it with me. Well SAVE YOU RECEIPT because the next day when the boss saw this awesome mouse he crapped his pans and told me that he hoped I had the receipt because he would gladly pay for it, not claiming that this will work for you, but hey if not then at least you have the cool gadget. So here is what I bought, and I tell you …….. if you buy these and are not satisfied I’m almost willing to buy them back from you. I can not explain how happy I have been with these 3 items I am going to show you, they have really made my work day with Mastercam and Solidworks so much better.

1) MX Logitech mouse, this thing has 5 programmable buttons, I got like “S” key in Solidworks, Isometric and top views in both Mastercam and Soldiworks, I can jump to “Desktop”……. pure awesome.

Here is the link to MX Mouse

2) 3Dconnection SpaceNavigator, this thing is just as awesome as the mouse, wow you are like working in another universe, this model has also programmable buttons, I got “Measure” in bought Mastercam and Solidworks, again the “S”key in Solidworks and “Level Manager” in Mastercam.

Here is the link to 3DConnection

3) Last thing is the mouse pad for true CAD/CAM guy, not those cheap once with a kitty on them. Kinda funny that you don’t realize how importen this thing is until you have tried this one.

The link to Razer

I realize that the picture I stole from the web do not do these product justices., but in my opinion they are every dollar worth.

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