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When Solidworks 3D Instant Website wheels your costumers in.

Got a salesman out of town holding a potential costumer hostage, and if your 3D magic skills could be reached for a quick overview it would be so much less embarrassing?

The real question here is, how fast and easy can you deliver your newest fabulous design to your costumer for approval?  Solidworks 3D Instant Website might just be your solution.

The tool is not new. 3D Instant Website was an early Christmas present back in 2000. But since we still have a way to go until the cloud age kicks in, having the possibility to upload and interact with your design on a standard Microsoft Web Browser is still a pretty nifty way to reach upper management and/or costumers.

Solidworks tree

Tools=>Options=>Add-Ins and you will quickly be able to publish or administrate current uploads. The uploading can be done on SolidWorks-hosted Website or locally over a corporate Intranet.

The biggest point to be made is that 3D Instant Website a very easy tool to master. With easy wizard based menus it does not take long to realize the potentials, and with a little reading in the help file you can actually dig deep and customize the design layout of your web page also.


So less than 30 seconds after your finger has touched the submit button, your email client is ready to launch emails containing links and passwords to whomever you have decide should be allowed to view, handle and judge your 3D creations. 3D Instant Website will of course also gladly show off your 2D stuff, if you decide to cut a dimensional view, and make a drawing.

Depending on your selection when setting up 3D Instant Website, your clients could have access through a password secured Windows Internet Browser the possibilities to rotate, zoom and hide components on your design, for then comment, debate and most likely approve your work. All this done without downloading some fancy viewer.


Proven in the real world. 3D Instant Website is a fantastic tool to quickly get your design out to people who might be unsecure in the CAD room, but have a big impact on the success of your product. Yep, the guy with the check book is important, but also the guy who need to quote plating or finish assembling down the road could find this very handy. Defiantly worth a test run if you are not familiar with this feature in Solidworks. 

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