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When can you run Solidworks in firefox?

You somewhat already can, it is called Solidworks Blueprintnow and is a DWG viewer and editor, but that is not what we are talking about here, we are talking about running your CAD fully from a web browser where internet speed will be the talk, and quad core and high end graphics card would be laughed at.

In last months issue of DEVELOP3D Martyn Day wrote an article about how close we might be from this being reality.


The concept is called Cloud Computing and is something that you are going to be more familiar with in the future, running your programs and pulling your files from high speed internet servers. I would recommend you took a 5 minute coffee break and read Martyn Day’s article just so you can prepare yourself for what is around the corner. You will find Martyn Day’s article starting on page 49 of April 2009 issue that can be downloaded in pdf format here DEVELOP3D

Happy reading.

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