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"Whats New in Mastercam" 2D High Speed (Part 3)

So you have Mastercam, and your company are paying maintance, have you installed X3 yet? have you taken a look at the 2D HST Toolpath?, ok this is the skinny pal. The way these toolpath are set up is new from Mastercam, not really revolutionizing, but it seems like a good direction, and all Mastercams toolpath are eventually going to be set up this way. Its kinda the same as FBM where you go through different pages to set everything up, everything is nice and clean. One thing that I really like is that you get some help understanding what you actually are modifying as you are working with the different parameters.

I am going to leave the “Whats new” in X3 from the milling side unless you have a comment or it comes up in something we will play with here on the blog.

#CADCAM #CNC #Mastercam

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