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What’s New CAMWorks 2011 Turning.

This is the third and final CAMWorks What’s New 2011, and we are talking turning baby! Though this list a smaller than the milling, I think you will find a couple of things that will make you happy if turning is your thing. Also check out previous “What’s New General Operations” and “What’s New Milling”. User Defined Turn Inserts… This should help putting a smile on your face. We can now draw up our custom lathe inserts in SolidWorks and use them for accurate verification.

(~We will look into this defining custom tooling stuff in the near future~)

Enhanced Turn WIP Support… The use of WIP (Work In Progress~A live stock calculation method) for decreased rapid moves in turning is pretty cool. You now actually have multiple options to determine how the previous operation’s WIP model is considered for the current operation.

Turn Rough Leadin/Leadout… You now have some more control over how your lead-in/lead-out gets applied doing your roughing operation. I have to admit that I am not lathe knowledge enough to pin point where this has its big advantage, so I would sure appreciate if someone with the knowledge could share it in the comment section.

Turn Insert Angle Clearance… I think this option is pretty handy doing roughing. Now say goodbye to unnecessary insert vibrations and insert life. Put in a insert clearance angle, and CAMWorks will walk off the part in an angular path reducing the amount the insert gets buried perpendicular surface.

Turn Simulation Cross Section…. This is intersting. The CAMWorks What’s New document states this is a new function. I am not sure… I Thought this was available in the 2010 package. Should it has stated “Improved” instead of “New” or am I just loosing my mind? I’ll might have to contact For now lets just pretend that I am wrong… :-). So this new 2D Planer section view is the most accurate of the section views in simulation. (From CAMWorks What’s New…)

Because this section view is 2d planer, the accuracy of the display more closely resembles actual machining results.

And if Compared is used the results are also based on the same 2d section.

Conclusion… I think this was some alright lathe enhancements to close out our “What’s New in CAMWorks 2011” Someone might ask about…WEDM…Sorry folks, nothing new there for this year…Should there have been?…What’s needed?…Let the sparks fly!

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