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What is Solidworks and who is Mastercam?

I am going to do this as simple as I possible can………I promise.

The mouse you are holding in your hand was designed in what is called a CAD software, the monitor you are looking at………… those new sun glasses you where checking out at the mall…………you car……….. the bridge you drove over the other day………… the container you drink your Coca-Cola out of…………………….Get it? most everything is designed and engineered in CAD Software. Bored? hang on a second, just a little patience, ok? you need that sometimes. keep reading.

So you draw, construct, design, engineer in Solidworks, off course there is much more to it, like you can analyze constructions and stuff, so a bridge still are standing after a hurricane or that your ipod do not end up weighing 50kg when it is put all together.

Mastercam is CAD/CAM, The CAD works just about as in Solidworks, except Solidworks is the BMW and the CAD side of Mastercam is like a Ford Tempo, it will get you there but not as fast and as slick. Now the CAM side of Mastercam is what is interesting, what that will let you do is, it will let you program a CNC Machine (CNC=Computer Numeric Control) this could be a lathe, WEDM or Mill. Here is a view of the interface from Mastercam.

So that do not look “that” different from Solidworks, and it really isn’t, except from here we can create code that a CNC Machine will understand, and now can manufacture the parts that was designed in the CAD software. Here is a example of that code O7503 (STOP END2 ) (DATE – 07-03-06 TIME – 10:11 ) (Machine: Haas Mini Mill) (Programmer: Lars Christensen) ( 3/8 SPOT MILL TOOL – 1 ) N10 G20 N12 G0 G17 G40 G80 G90 N14 G0 G53 Z4.4 N16 G0 G53 X-16.0 Y0.0 N18 T1 M6 N20 G0 G53 Z4.4 N22 G0 G90 G110 X.0778 Y.2 S2500 M3 N24 G43 H1 Z2.125 M8 N26 G98 G82 Z.025 R.225 P1. F2. N28 X.2278 Y-.2 N30 G80 N32 M5 N34 M9 N36 G00 G53 Z4.4 N38 M01 (OpStop) ( 17/64 DRILL HSS TOOL – 2 )

So what can you do with this code? Guys check this out! Click here

This is intended to show the very basic of what Solidworks and Mastercam is, just so if you come across this blog, and are wondering what is being discussed. Any comments or corrections are welcome. On the more serious note. “Whats new” in MastercamX3 is in the works, please check back soon.

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