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Wacky cool viewsheets in MastercamX4

I have never in the past found a good use for the viewsheet function in Mastercam, however in MastercamX4 you got some enhancement with viewsheets that makes them appetizing, especially if you work with 4 or 5 axis stuff, you can create a viewsheet and attach Work, Construction and Tool planes to it…….MMmmm delicious, right? 3 wacky shapes floating in space

This Isometric view shows 3 solid shapes that are floating without any strings to the Standard Work Coordinate System. 1st. Thing we are going to do is using the new MastercamX4 3D gnomon (this new feature is covered here) and create the desired Work Coordinate for each shape.

In the “New View” box we are going to name our new view and I also decided to attach a work offset to each new view, that of course would normally be more of a fixture and setup decision, but just for fun….. :-).

I am also going to setup new Work Coordinates for the 2 other shapes using the 3D gnomon, and going to name them “Green shape” and “Yellow Shape”( I hope you are not color blind ;-).

With the new views created we now have a reason to use viewsheets. 1st we need to turn it on. Settings=>Viewsheets=>Enabled

Now open your viewmanager and and set the Work Coordinate System and view to the “Red Shape” Then….

1)”Right Click” Main Viewsheet and choose to create a “New Viewsheet”. 2)Rename it “Red Shape” 3)Save Viewsheet Bookmark

Follow the same steps for the 2 other colored shapes. Now you just hit the desired color named tap and your graphic, Work Coordinate, Construction, Tool planes and Work offsets will change………just like that you can program with a snap of your fingers. There was someone on Mastercams forum who suggested to have your setup sheet attached to its own viewsheet, is the sky the limit? you got any ideas for viewsheets? leave a comment.

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