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Use SolidWorks Costing to find the right price

A tool to extract costing data from your 3D CAD model, An excellent idea.

It is about time that I write something about one of my favorite newer tools in SolidWorks.

SolidWorks costing has been around a few years, and every year it gets a little better. In the 2014 version SolidWorks has upped the tool by adding straight up volume as a price tool. This is letting you bypass the customizable templates which can be a great function if you are comparing your current design to an older similar part you already have pricing for. In the video beneath my goal is to give a good overview over what this tool does. It really has some great functionalities and being fully integrated into the SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Premium packages it means a lot of people already have access to this tool. Remember, it is not in the add-on section but exist on your evaluation toolbar in SolidWorks part mode, so don’t be looking in the wrong place and think you don’t have it.

Conclusion… I used to be involved in a lot of quoting in the past and this tool would definitely have been handy. It is important to remember it is still algorithms and not a magic wand. But with your proven data, this tool can deliver a dollar value on your design. I’ll buy a beer for whomever at SolidWorks came up with this idea.

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