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Start More than You can Finish by Becky Blades

I finished this book in May 2024. I recommend this book 1/10.

Why you should read this book:

If you feel you have ideas stuck within you and struggle to get them out. If you are afraid your idea might not work and the world would come crashing down in embarrassment if you shared it, read this book.

Get your copy here.

🚀 The book in three sentences

  1. You should never worry about if you complete something you start—how do you know if it is worth completing until you get going?

  2. You might not need to start things, and that is also okay.

  3. Open your mind; there is so much you can do.

🎨 Impressions

  • This book was written by a business/creative coach, not an author. Its style is rough. The book has no real wisdom, but it has excellent sections about how to get started with your ideas, which makes it all right.

📝 My notes and thoughts

  • P43. Celebrate your starts:

  • Start a page in your journal and begin listing your starts

  • Describe each of them in a playful tone

  • Explore why you didn't finish

  • Make room for more

  • P52. The list of dreams is made of:

  • Name a thing you want to start

  • Think harder and write four more

  • Keep going. What you would start if you had everything you needed

  • P63. Find your enough:

  • Declare your start by creating a folder on your computer

  • List everything you need

  • What are the three ways to start now

  • P91. Start imagining:

  • Start by journaling

  • Take a walk

  • Imagine your idea was fully formed

  • Ask questions and create scenarios to explore more

  • P98. Start thinking:

  • What are the first steps to make this real

  • Why did this idea make me excited

  • Start research

  • P116. Take Action:

  • Clarify and commit to your idea

  • Decide your first step

  • Anchor your start

  • Schedule your next step

  • P147. Build your bias for action:

  • Build your decision formula

  • Chronicle your fast-action victories

  • P170. Become an Author:

  • Decide what kind of book you're writing

  • Make your book

  • Start writing

  • P199. Rack up starting points:

  • Load statistics pitching machine

  • Get supplies in place

  • Log your practice time or number of starts

  • Schedule your first practice session

  • P209. Capture your inspiration:

  • Write about how you get inspiration

  • Start collecting your inspiration

  • Do what comes easy, and look for patterns

  • Research organizing tools and methods

  • Decide on a system

  • P217. Host a Startist Salon:

  • Pull together a gathering of startists

  • Tap a good host

  • Ask questions to get the conversation flowing, like...

  • Steer conversations toward cross-training

  • P234. Make a late start:

  • Do you have ideas that got away

  • Now, pick one that still excites you

  • Write ideas for the first step

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