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SpacePilot PRO and 12 days later


The workstation I am using for Solidworks and Mastercam are not connected to the internet, so I did not really have a change get an opinion about some of the online features but Alex R. Ruiz also known as the Solidworks geek, wrote what I thought was the best review on the SpacePilot PRO and in that pointed out that the LCD Screen do not notify you with email or twitter updates, something that I think we where some that had got the impression it would, check out Alex R. Ruiz’s writing. Review: 3Dconnexion SpacePilot PRO 3D Mouse

I find the buttons on the SpacePilot PRO a little hard to press, and the “Fit” key is a little out of reach for my small hand. I am not sure I get the four vertical molded lines on the controller cap, it seems like they are 30 to 50 degrees off for my fingers to rest on them for at comfortable grip, actually thinking about it I did have the Space~Navigator slightly turned because of this Overall I still think this is a great product(Solidworks need fixing), at $499 and as a single parent the money would probably go to my daughters dance classes, but if I had a company and I was determent to be using the equipment the professional uses, then the SpacePilot PRO should be in the budget for sure.

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