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SolidWorks World 2012…Sunday: Partner Pavilion and Fabulous Tweetup

Good morning As my eastern standard ~apparently well adjusted~ body things 4am. is rise and shine on a Monday morning. Tooo early to really give a good and well thought encounter of my 1st. SolidWorks World Sunday afternoon and evening. I thought I would do the old trick of a picture is worth a 1000 words, and attach as few comments along the way.

The Partner Pavilion opens… I am sure you have been to a car show or maybe even a trade show in the past. A lot of sparkling lights and smiling faces. The SolidWorks World Partner Pavilion is located a couple of floors above that. If you walk in here with any thought of CAM on your mind, you are for sure going to have a big smile on your face. Simplest way to say it is that they are all here.

I did not have time to talk to each of them, and some of them defiantly deserve a revisit. But one thing is for sure, these people came prepared and ready to show some cool stuff. There is of course many other partner product here at SolidWorks World, luckily for this rookie I have a few more days, and therefore also more Partner Pavilion stuff I can share here. 🙂

Fabulous Tweetup…

I have learned from reading all the great SolidWorks blogs in the past that it is not just what happens at the convention center that makes this the huge success of an event. 8:00pm at Hilton and the opportunity to meet old and new faces from the social media tool twitter.

Ya! I’m @Lars_cadcam on twitter but be careful of following me there, as Mr.Gebo, SolidWorks Eastern User Group Representative and last years SolidWorks User Group leader of the year experienced, I am the guy who want to shake your hand and say hi once or twice :-). You have to promise me that if you are here at world, you will say hello if our path crosses.

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