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SolidWorks World 2012…Hold up your rookie card

So the question for you is how many times have you been to SolidWorks World?…2…4…8…or are you like me, a 1st timer…Newbie…The Rookie.

If you are going you are in for a treat. How do I know?…Well, I have never heard anyone complaining about that it is that time of year again. Seasoned SolidWorks bloggers, forum users and User Group attendees praising this yearly event. Not going?…sorry…The good news is that this event is always greatly covered. My intention is to shot a couple of blog post while I am there. Especially am I excited about the CAD/CAM goodness Im preparing to face in the partner pavilion. They are all there, Mastercam, Delcam, CAMWorks, Solidcam, HSMWorks etc. So why am I there… Because my employer, CADimensions, is willing to fly me across the entire continent and on top of that provide a comfortable bed.

To add to that I will also be challenging my rookie trip by doing a presentation at this years event.

Now I would actually never ask you to spend your valuable time attending my presentation, but please promise me that if you spot that face in the crowd you will come and say hello. Did I say that I have a couple give a ways doing my presentation?… 🙂

If you are going I surly hope we get a chance to meet. If not, as I stated earlier this event is very well covered. Picking through the blogroll to the right you will for sure find a lot of good content. I will also be tweeting @Lars_cadcam and that will filter to Facebook and linkedIn.

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